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Management at OBSE

Previous experience: Agnieszka has more than twenty years of professional experience in various functions in international companies, including sectors like high tech, automotive and FMCG. She is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt. Her areas of expertise are operations management, customer experience, marketing, human resources management, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and client engagement.

Education: Agnieszka graduated from the University of Economics in Wroclaw.

Favorite Core Value and why: “My favorite value is Unity. I strongly believe that collaboration within the team brings much more results than the sum of individual contributions. The equation 1+1>2 totally makes sense in this case.”

Previous experience: Entire career around People, Projects and ... Finance: Finance operational roles in IBM, Shell and HP, F&A Solution Architect for Business Process Outsourcing, Finance Project Manager and Accounting Manager in HP, Record-to-Report Process Manager in Fresenius Medical Care.

Education: Degree in Managerial Economics and Dutch Language and Culture.

Favorite Core Value and why: “Agility. I hate wasting time; there are too many interesting things ahead, and Unity. I feel great among kind and inspiring people.”

Previous experience: More than eleven years in the sales operations/sales compensation domain in global IT companies, leading local and remote teams of analysts, business consultants, reporting experts, and program managers. Having set up the first big data/data science-oriented team in the shared service center, she fosters the application of innovative methods for running operations, as well as the continuous development of employees towards future skills.

Education: Graduated from the University of Economics, Wroclaw, with a Master of Science in Finance & Banking.

Favorite Core Value and why: “Unity. Even the smartest, most educated and experienced individual will not achieve what a team can achieve. I believe in synergies resulting from working together, both in the professional and private environment.”

Previous experience: Overall, he has twenty years of professional work experience – three years in sales and seventeen years in supply chain management (SCM), with various areas of responsibility, including production planning, warehousing procurement, and sourcing. Kamil has managed local as well as global teams. He has experience in several sectors including automotive, white goods, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), and shared services center/business process outsourcing (SSC/BPO).

Education: Kamil studied Crisis Management.

Favorite Core Value and why:“Unity. Because together we are stronger and make the world a better place.”

Previous experience: Piotr has over fourteen years of professional experience in the field of HR at domestic as well as international companies. He spent the last eight years at a global financial company gaining multidimensional HR expertise in various roles: HR Administration Lead, HR Business Partner, HR Program Manager, and Head of HR.

Education: Piotr holds a degree in Political Science. He completed his post-graduate studies in the field of HR. Recently, he also finished business and management studies and now holds an Executive MBA diploma.

Favorite Core Value and why: “Empathy. I consider this value especially important in my role. I continue to be open-minded, aiming to understand different points of view.”

Previous experience: Overall, thirteen years of professional experience in financial accounting and controlling, working at multinational companies with various financial roles, including Financial/Country Controller, Corporate Legal Entity Controller, and Senior Financial Reporting Team Leader.

Education: Association of Charted Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualified, postgraduate studies in Managerial Accounting and Controlling, Master's degree in Finance and Banking.

Favorite Core Value and why: “Integrity, as I believe we should always act to the highest standards, to be transparent and fair, and Long-Term View, as it is important to have patience and a vision to plan for the future.”

Previous experience: Over ten years of experience in the field of transformation, efficiencies, and improvements. Before joining Olympus, Mariusz spent five years in operational excellence and data analytics teams at a global financial company. Furthermore, Mariusz has more than seven years of professional experience at the organization Global Strategic Sourcing (GSS).

Education: Mariusz has a technical background, with a Masters and Engineering degree from the Wroclaw University of Technology, in both Quality Management and Logistics. Since 2012, he has held the Operational Excellence Master Black Belt certificate.

Favorite Core Value and why:“Integrity. Aligning what you say with what you really think, with what you really feel, makes you happier and boosts fulfillment at the workplace. Doing what’s right instead of thinking about how it is perceived lets you focus on what’s really important. To me, integrity is the mother of all values.”

Previous experience and education: Paweł has ten years of professional experience in operational and business/management reporting, data analysis, and data visualization. Over the past five years, he has managed reporting and business intelligence teams.

Education: Graduated from the Faculty of Sociology at the Wrocław University, a degree in Financial Management postgraduate studies at the Wrocław University of Economics.

Favorite Core Value and why: “Unity. Somebody said that alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. The synergy effect is something phenomenal…splendid, when team cooperation has a greater effect than the sum of individual actions.”

Previous experience: Team assistant, trainer specialist, and fund accountant at international companies.

Education: Master of Business Administration, Master of Management: Corporate Consulting, Bachelor in Business Studies at the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland, Bachelor of Finance and Accounting.

Favorite Core Value and why: “Empathy. We should always treat others the same as we would like to be treated. During my professional career, I organized charity events or volunteered in the field of CSR, which added value to the lives of others or to my own life.”

Previous experience: Łukasz has worked for more than a decade with business service organizations. His experience covers various areas, such as, for example, the establishment of a shared services center (SSC). Projects in innovation, automation, IT and finance have taken him to several international locations – from Sweden to India.

Education: He holds an IT Engineering Degree from the Wroclaw University of Applied Informatics and is pursuing his MBA at the Wroclaw University of Economics.

Favorite Core Value and why: “I believe Integrity is a core value one should possess both personally and professionally. I am proud to be associated with an organization that is aligned with my personal values.”

Managing Directors of the EMEA region

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Executive Managing Director Olympus Europa Management SE

Chief Financial Officer EMEA

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Head of Medical Systems Division EMEA

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Managing Director Olympus Europa Management SE
Head of Human Resources EMEA

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Managing Director Olympus Europa Management SE
Executive Managing Director Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe

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Managing Director Olympus Europa Management SE
Chief Operating Officer Olympus Coorporation